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    The goal

    Developing of competitive and high-performance innovation center within Tomsk agglomeration boarders where high value-added industry and high-quality human resources are concentrated and advanced technologies are created in order to increase the quality of life and implement new model of economic growth.

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    «Advanced industry», «Science and education», «Technological innovations, new businesses», «Smart and handy city», «Business environment»

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    RUB 250 bln – investment gap. Confirmed extra-budgetary resources amounts to 65%.

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    12 federal ministries, 6 Tomsk universities, 5 national corporations, 400 small and medium innovation companies and manufacturing plants

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    INO Tomsk project synchronizes over 50 federal instruments and initiatives of different federal ministries and agencies.

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    65 actions included in roadmap help to involve stakeholders in INO Tomsk project.

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    6 types of areas within Tomsk agglomeration are developed according to INO Tomsk project: industrial, innovation, research and educational, historical and cultural, medical and sport parks.

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    INO Tomsk project is based on 6 innovation territorial clusters: petrochemical cluster, cluster of nuclear technologies, timber and pharmaceutical clusters, cluster of medical equipment and IT, cluster of wildlife resources, and cluster of hard-to-recover resources.

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    160 thousands of highly-efficient workplaces will be created before 2020 as a result of INO Tomsk project implementation.

  • 10


    Over 100 industrial, research and educational, social and infrastructure projects are implemented within INO Tomsk.

Project “INO Tomsk” allows reconciling the interests of enterprises in the region with federal infrastructure and field tools

16 December 2015 13:20

O.V. Fomichev

State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

“INO Tomsk” project is not of a regional level but of a federal one. The government of Russia doesn’t consider “INO Tomsk” as a pilot project but instead as a very effective project on establishment of a competitive center of education, research and developments at Russian and global level.

The main challenge that all the regions face is how to reconcile the interests of a good many of local companies with infrastructural and field tools available at the federal level. “INO Tomsk” project is a successful example of how it can be done.

Workshop devoted to the “INO Tomsk” Concept implementation. March 25, 2016, Tomsk