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    The goal

    Developing of competitive and high-performance innovation center within Tomsk agglomeration boarders where high value-added industry and high-quality human resources are concentrated and advanced technologies are created in order to increase the quality of life and implement new model of economic growth.

  • 2


    «Advanced industry», «Science and education», «Technological innovations, new businesses», «Smart and handy city», «Business environment»

  • 3


    RUB 250 bln – investment gap. Confirmed extra-budgetary resources amounts to 65%.

  • 4


    12 federal ministries, 6 Tomsk universities, 5 national corporations, 400 small and medium innovation companies and manufacturing plants

  • 5


    INO Tomsk project synchronizes over 50 federal instruments and initiatives of different federal ministries and agencies.

  • 6


    65 actions included in roadmap help to involve stakeholders in INO Tomsk project.

  • 7


    6 types of areas within Tomsk agglomeration are developed according to INO Tomsk project: industrial, innovation, research and educational, historical and cultural, medical and sport parks.

  • 8


    INO Tomsk project is based on 6 innovation territorial clusters: petrochemical cluster, cluster of nuclear technologies, timber and pharmaceutical clusters, cluster of medical equipment and IT, cluster of wildlife resources, and cluster of hard-to-recover resources.

  • 9


    160 thousands of highly-efficient workplaces will be created before 2020 as a result of INO Tomsk project implementation.

  • 10


    Over 100 industrial, research and educational, social and infrastructure projects are implemented within INO Tomsk.

INO Tomsk is a guiding light not only for large corporations, but also for small and medium-sized enterprises

28 January 2015 13:42

Sergey Zhvachkin

Governor of Tomsk region

– We entered this New Year to hear some long-awaited good news: Russian Prime-Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed an executive order to create of innovative regional center INO Tomsk in our region.

Executive order of the Federal Government defines the direction of development for Tomsk region in such spheres as nuclear technologies, petroleum chemistry, IT, pharmaceutics and biomedical engineering, renewable natural resources. Using the vocabulary of Soviet times, it represents at least a five-year plan of development for the region.

The approach that we took to the INO Tomsk conception together with the Federal Government, academia and business partners was extremely specific. As a Governor, I am satisfied with the work on the document, but, most significantly, with its final content: there are no “want and wishes” and sand-castles in it. Every program and every object represent concise plans of the Federal and Regional Government, the projects from business are well-thought-out – Gazprom, Rosatom, SIBUR, GAzpromneft, Microgen and others. At the same time, the program has room not only for large government corporations and national universities, but also for small businesses. It like a clock with a transparent plastic case where everyone can see the work of the whole mechanism, its gears and springs.  

What INO Tomsk has to offer to the residents of Tomsk region

In the first place, it is some large-scale investments – more than 200 billion rubles will be invested by 2020. 65% of the amount is private investment, 35% – Federal and regional funding. These plans are realistic since private and state investments in the development of Tomsk innovation center amounted to almost 40 billion rubles for the last three years, and funding for academic institutions reached 75 billion rubles! We managed to get 2 rubles of private investment for every ruble of government investment in Tomsk Special Economic Zone.

Second, INO Tomsk is new production sites, new work places, and, consequently, more budget revenue. A new impulse will be given to our mutual projects with SIBUR – the only BOPP film production beyond the Urals and a large-scale modernization of Tomskneftehim plant.  Construction of the Energy Experimental Demonstration Center under the auspices of Siberian Chemical Combine will become more active. Russia-China mutual project for forest exploitation in the city of Asino will become one of the centers in wood industry cluster. Microgen is going to build a blood products facility in Tomsk with 300 plasma ton per year capacity. Tomsk mechanical engineering companies will enhance their work with major Russian business within the framework of import-substitution projects. Development of training programs to prepare qualified workforce will be significant for production. 

Third, our universities and academic institutes will step up to a whole new level since they have one of the major roles in the INO Tomsk Project.

Fourth, INO Tomsk will literally open new roads to the adjacent regions for our residents.

And finally, the conception is intended to make Tomsk and other cities and areas of the region more comfortable to live, work and raise kids. Last year alone we built 14 preschools for 2.800 children, this year we will build 21 objects for 4.400 kids. We are creating a Medical City based on the existing medical institutions and a Nuclear Medicine Center using private-public partnership.

INO Tomsk is a guiding light not only for large corporations, but also for small and medium-sized enterprises. We invite employer associations, Inter-industrial Union, Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry and all entrepreneurs to take an active part in this project. We have already created a project office in regional administration.

INO Tomsk was confirmed on January, 14 by the executive order of the work-group lead by Vice Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. On one hand, it is a result of huge work of many months done by the regional government, leaders of the 12 Federal Ministries, Tomsk universities and academic institutes.  On the other hand, executive order is a start of even more difficult and crucial work, and we are starting it already today, hitting the ground running.